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PlugBe is a service that provides access to the map of electric stations in Ukraine. We have created an application that contains all the information about electric stations: location, type of charging, the number of available places and prices.

Two phones, plug beTwo phones, plug be

How itworks

PlugBe is an application that contains all the necessary information about the station infrastructure:

  • station working hours
  • charging cost
  • power
  • parking cost
  • available connectors
  • what is nearby

All this can be found by simply downloading the application. And it's free.

Map icons
Map icons

Electric station map

All public charging stations in Ukraine are collected in the PlugBe application, over time we will add the whole world. If an electric station is available and open to everyone, it is on the map.

Ev station
Ev station

Information about charging stations

The service shows not only the location of the station, but also data about it. For example, hours of operation, availability, type of charging output, prices. All the data that may be useful to you is already in the application.

Map icons
Map icons


PlugBe is available on iOS and Android platforms. Also, the service can be used on the web -

Map icons
Map icons

Easy integration

To work with partners, we have created an API that allows you to easily and quickly integrate partner services with PlugBe.


The Plugbe team is currently working on:

  • routes
  • charging cars through the app
  • integration with Waze and Google Maps
  • smart push notification system

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